Heart Sounds (+ Lung Sounds) Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

TOP 5 (Iphone/Android App's) FOR NURSING STUDENTS **nursing school edition**

Every Nursing Student NEEDS these Apps! I use everyone and they make Nursing School so much easier! These essential apps will save you more time than most books or other resources! Here is...

Hybrid Computer-based Simulator of Heart and Lung diseases for medical education : SimHaL

SimHaL: Hybrid Computer-based Simulator of Heart and Lung diseases for medical education SimHaL, simulates pathological auscultative signs of heart and lung sounds on the thorax of a healthy...

thinklabs - electronic stethoscope

This is a VERY COOL gadget. This electronic stethoscope head has a regular electronic outlet so that it can be connected directly to headphones or to your smartphone. This allows for 'saving'...

Littmann® Listen-In Auscultation System - Transforming Auscultation Education

Littmann Listen-In - www.littmann.co.uk/listenin Share sounds with up to four students. Utilising a 3M™ Littmann® Model 3200 Electronic Stethoscope, the Littmann Listen-In System delivers...

Heartbeat Tracker (Windows Phone app)

Measure heart rate directly from heart by using your phone's microphone: http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=5bdfe8e8-b82a-49e4-9e48-dc4f63852af0 During measurement heartbeats are drawn. After...

Breath Trainer App - Sound! - 10 min! - 2013 08 19 vdub

Traumatology Institute http://www.whatisptsd.com and http://www.ticlearn.com.

Breathe with Kardia

Kardia is an Android/iOS app for relaxation based on paced breathing. It helps you fight stress and anxiety, fall asleep, meditate and reach cardiac coherence.

Ekuore stethoscope - Video 5. APP Advance control (Android)

Learn how to edit, listen and send the recorded sounds. Learn how to use all the advance options.

BreathEasy - A Health Diagnostic App

By using signal processing techniques to analyse breathing sound measurements, we're developing a mobile app to diagnose respiratory issues in patients.

Lets Meditate without breathing sound

Here is a better version with clean audio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAtxKy_HGUk This video is for all those who has asked me to make relaxation videos with longer length. Hope this helps...

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